Your most frequently asked questions answered here

Frequently asked questions

You have questions and we have answers! Read below to find out common information, if you still have a question please do not hesitate to give us a call! 


Q: How long in advance do I have to place a decorated cake order?
We ask for at least 3 weeks to a month in advance for Wedding orders, 2 weeks in advance for custom decorated cake orders, and just 3 days in advance for our regular decorated cakes. 

Q: What are your cake sizes?
Cake size          Servings             Shape
     8 inches      8-10 servings      (circular)
     10 inches       15-18 servings      (circular)
     12 inches       30-35 servings      (circular)
     1/4 sheet       20-25 servings      (rectangular)
     1/2 sheet        40-50 servings     (rectangular)
     Full sheet      80-100 servings   (rectangular)
These sizes do not include wedding cakes or custom cakes (they are made taller, for more servings).

Q: I want to do a custom cake, can I email the design I want?
Please email them to Orders@TiffanysBakeryVA.com (click on the email button at the top of the page). Be sure to include for when you want the cake, for how many people and most importantly the design that you would like.

Q: Can I choose what I want as the flavor?
We like to stick to our own flavors but we are able to modify some of them to your liking (for example you would like to order the Mix Fruit Bavarian Cake but with no peaches or the strawberry black forest but with no strawberries).

Q: Do you make cupcakes?
 Yes we do, we make delicious chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with a cream swirl. We also make cupcakes with custom decorations. Cupcake orders need to be done at least a week in advance.

Q: Do you deliver?
We do deliver! We deliver our gorgeous wedding cakes in order to make sure they are set up properly but only in Northern Virginia (give us a call to find out our estimate). 

Q: What happens if I forget to pick up my cake?
If you are not able to pick up your cake during our hours open, we will hold your cake until the next day (Saturday orders will be held on to until Monday). After three days if the cake has not been picked up, it will be thrown out. Abandoned cakes will not receive any store credit or refunds.

Q: Which pastries/cakes have nuts?
Our main source of nut is almonds, but we also use walnuts and pecans. Our pastries that have nuts are Almond Tart, Almond Stick, Cinnamon Twist, Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookie, German Chocolate Cake, German Chocolate Brownie, Mouse, Maple Twist, Bread Pudding and our Mix Fruit Bavarian Cake.

Q: Which cakes have alcohol?
Some of our delicious products do have a dash of alcohol, usually by the name you are able to tell: Rum Ball, Babas Rum and our Tiramisu!

Q: Can I order gluten free?
Unfortunately, we do not offer any gluten free products (ask us in a couple of years).

Q: What is your store policy on orders?
Our store policy is as follows: Prices are subject to change without notice. All payments are non-refundable. If the order is cancelled, Tiffany’s Bakery Management may issue store credit. No store credit will be given on cancellations made less than 72 hours prior to scheduled order pick-date. Changes to any wedding/tier/custom cakes must be made at least two weeks prior to scheduled order pick-up or delivery date. Cancellations on tier cakes will be granted a store credit if made at least two weeks prior. Store credit is redeemable up to 2 years after the day the credit is issued.  

Q: What if I have an issue with my cake?
If you are unsatisfied with your cake we encourage you to bring the cake back as well as your receipts (Or reach out to us via email with a photo that shows the issue)!